Medicare compliance,

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The #1 tool to support your practice
We support you with practical strategies to help you avoid an audit from the PSR.
•    Exceptional quality consultation notes in less time
•    100% clincial decision free
•    Reclaim 60 min of your day

The AI powered Medical Scribe
As a GP, you are entitled to Medicare compliance support from your service provider. Register your operations contact with us and we will roll out GP Clarity to you.
What is GP Clarity? We've cracked the code of the PSR. We profile your Medicare compliance risk, using your own metrics, and show you how to avoid an audit.
How much does it cost? We charge practices $50 per month (ex. GST). This price includes all GPs in the practice. Other questions? Join us, every Thursday 7:30 PM for a free seminar (all are welcome). Ask any questions you have about Medicare compliance, PSR audits, etc.
GP Clarity is proudly aligned with AHPAS

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